I tend to create anthropological studies of humans (sometimes animals), and intimate portraits of buildings and landscapes.

Drawn to cast-off, left-behind possessions of the dead, I rattle around in the attics of strangers; take naps in the summer homes of memory and history; braid moonlight into digestible sleep. Having looked for a sanctuary space and found none, I created my own. Bringing people and places [back] to life in images is a visceral response to what’s gone or never was. In image-making I look for some reassurance and meaning  to counter the tenuousness of every human connection. My dreams are bound in waxed sail thread and resin.

Some of my art is available to buy on Etsy. If you see anything* on this site you’re interested in buying, email me.

*The paintings Amsterdam I and II, Berlin, Small Portrait of a Victorian Lady, Patron Saint of Hoodies, and Man on Fire have been sold


Above are two scenes of a work in progress, began in winter 2017, combining pencil drawings and animation in After Effects.