HAUNTED: Not Empty, but Open

A city is a story written in stone.

Every tenant leaves traces, every visitor passing through adds to the tale. You may think the threads disappear when the teeming crowds are nowhere to be seen, but you'd be wrong. 

The streets and buildings are living archeological records. They shape and are shaped by the lives that occupy them, whether for a year or a century. The built environment reflects the aspirations and dreams of humanity, for better and worse.

For a few minutes the façades blaze in catching the waning of the sun. In the early dark of autumn, windows glow warm and rich as you walk by, catching glimpses of interiors. The light and shadows of cities is one of my undying fascinations.

See what's available to buy— Etchings, paintings, drawings and archival prints are added pretty frequently, as I find time to organize and photograph them! Art can be a delightfully unexpected gift, too :)