I’m an artist, graphic designer, and illustrator; a transplant from a farm to the big city. Drawing has always been the basis for everything I make. I do pencil and ink drawings, paintings, and copperplate etchings. My images often embrace the feeling of solitude— and a hesitant search for connection.


Art is essentially a storytelling device, and I struggled with this for a long time. Years of school followed by a career in a results-driven industry have had their inevitable impact. Over the years, this resulted in my approaching art from a literal, results-driven mindset. It took all the enjoyment out of the process, bringing me crashing to a halt many times.


So I returned to a process-driven approach, because art is about the process, the journey. That’s where the fun is because that’s where discovery is. I’m working to unlearn a lot of professional habits that have no place in the type of art I’m interested in. Obfuscation rarely has a place in marketing, but it’s pure gold in art. 


Art that moves me feels timeless. An atmosphere of mystery or the unknown makes an image more interesting to me. I’m drawn to images that are full of questions. If an image is a statement, I want it shrouded and difficult to pin down. I want to see a new or deeper possibility of interpretation each time I look at it.

I live in Brooklyn, where I studied art and design at Pratt Institute. I’m a member of the printmaking groups Manhattan Graphics Center, Print Club of New York, and the Society of American Graphic Artists.


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