I create atmospheric images from ink and paint in the forms of  drawings, paintings, and etchings.

Art that moves me feels timeless and atmospheric. I’m drawn to images in which new interpretations become apparent at subsequent viewings, the way a book takes on new meaning when re-read years later.


The mark-making and exploration processes of my art have become a kind of meditation; a way to connect with emotions, memories, and buried responses to the external—by specifically not focusing on them. I focus on the process instead.


I find the tools and materials of analog art particularly suited to this endeavor. Working with my hands speeds the plow; tends to quiet thinking in favor of feeling. You work by feel, feel your way forward or through. It connects me to to my own inner world, and thereby opens a way to connect with the inner worlds of others. 

I’m an artist, graphic designer, and illustrator. I live, work, and make art in Brooklyn, where I studied art and design at Pratt Institute. I’m a member of the following printmaking groups:

Manhattan Graphics Center

Print Club of New York

Society of American Graphic Artists.


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