I’m an artist; a transplant from a farm to the big city. Drawing is the basis for everything I make. I do pencil and ink drawings, etchings, and paintings. My images are often about solitude and the search for connection.Whatever the medium, I love making images. (I'm a graphic designer and an illustrator too.)

Art is essentially a storytelling device, yet I’ve struggled with this for a long time. Years of school followed by a career in a results-driven industry had a big impact, causing me to approach my art too literally. It brought me to a crashing halt many times.


So I've returned to a more intuitive approach, as I did when I was younger. I've been working to unlearn a lot of habits that just don't make sense in art. A story that needs to be teased out or hunted down is still a story. And that's the side of picture-making that I'm interested in. 


Art that moves me feels timeless, and poses questions more than providing answers. There must always be some kernel of truth from which a story flows in order for it to be relatable. An atmosphere of mystery or the unknown makes an image more interesting.

I live in Brooklyn, where I studied art and design at Pratt Institute. I’m a member of the printmaking groups Manhattan Graphics Center, Print Club of New York, and the Society of American Graphic Artists.

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